Saturday, October 20, 2018

Secretlab Omega Black 2018

There's so many things I'm trying to do on a daily basis that blogging is not even one of the top five now - which is disappointing :(
Because I started this blog mainly to keep a chronicle of my life so I can look back when I'm older.

Anyway, I figured this is worth a post because once again I won something. lol.
This time, it really really is highly dependent on luck so it was pretty unbelievable.

Here's the story, I have been playing Overcooked 1 with my bf for a couple of months and one day he shared with me this event in Singapore hosted by ESL Asia x Overcooked 2.
Basically, it's just an event with game booths and giveaways.

I was excited because I thought I was going to go and win a copy of Overcooked 2.
Then when it's nearer to the event date, they suddenly announced that they will be giving out Razer Mice and Keyboards and grand prize will be the Omega Secretlab chair.

My bf was so excited because of the chair and it turns out that he was going to come to Singapore that weekend as well. So date was set, we decided to go. To be honest, if it was just me alone, I probably wouldn't go. To win the chair, all you had to do was like and share the post, tag a friend in the comment then the winner will be chosen from a random draw on that day itself.

The day came (Sept 15) and we went there, played couple of Overcooked 2 games on their PS4 stations.
Waited for few rounds of lucky draw that were giving out the mice and keyboard. Super disappointed because we weren't called. But still we decided to stay and wait for the chair announcement.

We were there for 3-4 hours, real dedication right there lol.
The announcement was at 8pm and we had a dinner booking at 8.30pm.
Finally the time comes and once again the name called wasn't ours. We decided to walk towards the door, thinking that we will still be able to hear the announcement and if it's not us, we will leave right away to dinner.

The first name called, surname Khor/Koh (?) did not show up...
They called the second name. The MC was like "surname Lian". My bf grabbed me and said it's you it's you get ready! I was like "Probably not?" (wasn't sure if it was Lim Lian or whatever).

The MC repeated surname Lian to see who raise their hand. I did not.
My bf kept asking me to walk towards the stage. I was still skeptical. LOL.
Maybe deep down I knew but was in shock.

Anyway, few seconds later, the MC announced my full name and everyone was looking for the winner. I ran straight to the stage, squeezing through the crowd. Hands were shaking, mind and face were blank. The MC then asked to validate my facebook to see if I'm the right person and I still remember my heart was literally pounding as I swipe my phone.

So yes, we had a great dinner and both of us were laughing and super hyped up all the way because we just can't believe my luck. It's 1 in 500, I checked the number of comments on the Facebook post.

Here's a short review of the chair. I have been sitting on it for the past month.
It's super comfortable, perfect back support. Everything can be adjusted!!! This is so so important.
I suffer from shoulder aches as I'm constantly in front of my PC. But this chair gives the right support as long as I adjust it right. I think most of the support comes from the 2 pillows that comes for free and retails separately at an expensive price. See pic below.

Also it reclines so far back that I prefer this chair more than my bed nowadays for my drama needs :D

The version that I won is the new colour which is the Omega Black, everything in black. 
Exactly how I would prefer it. lol. Here's a pic of the chair because I don't have a clean background to take a photo of mine. 

Haha. Lol. Tbh I was still in shock the moment this photo was taken. 

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