Saturday, November 24, 2018

170804 Music Bank In Singapore

Such a long overdue post!
Can't believe I'm only writing this down after a year but I still remember the day like it was just yesterday.

This was my 2nd Kpop concert (1st one was Super Junior's Super Show).
And the tickets were not cheap. It's 300 SGD for standing and I had to be so ready during ticketing release and snatched them.
Luckily I got queue number 13x for my cousin, sis and I.

The reason why we decided to go was because almost all the groups performing are our faves, well except Mamamoo which I don't really listen to. Park Bo Gum being the MC is a bonus!

We were standing literally in front of the metal bars you see below.
And it is still my best concert experience so far, despite all the crazy push and squeeze from crowds.
My body was sore for the next couple of days...

The concert was so amazing because all the groups who performed are "high quality" vocal and dance groups. No rookies no noobs. Just perfection. Nothing beats live concert audio and especially when you can see their face upfront, seeing their perfect skin and glow. It's crazy I don't even know how to put it into words.

At that point of time, none of us know that it will be the last time we will see JongHyun from SHINee..
Still emotional whenever I listen to his songs... :'(
Who would have thought..

All the artists stood in a row during opening and closing. CNBlue stood out with their height (while Yong Hwa kinda just blended in.. hahahah).
Unfortunately SHINee did not stand on our side, but both groups beat BTS's visual ._.

People say you look fatter on screen/tv, it's true.
Red Velvet was so so slim. Much slimmer than I expected.

height height height.
Park Bo Gum's face was so small and he looked wayyyy taller than on screen.

If I were to rank stage presence, Irene was definitely one of the lowest despite being the visual.
She's just a bit shy and quiet at times.
This is when I understand why sometimes kpop fans support certain members which we didn't think would get much support.

Park Bo Gum, Irene and the local Singaporean MC I don't know who. lol.

Yong Hwa fan service level 100.
He kept coming close to us everyone was going crazy.

Seulgi serving us body goals.

Solar and YongHwa's special stage duet.

I only listened to a few BTS songs before this, thanks to my sister.
At that point of time, I wished they would have dressed better (?). Idk maybe not just my style.
But their dance was really powerful.
Nowadays I listen to a lot more BTS that my sister thinks I'm now secretly an Army.

Jjong. :(

I took videos of Key instead of Jjong although both stood on our side during the slow songs.
It's because Key was more energetic.
Sorry Jjong, if only I knew...

Tried taking some videos. It's all on my sister's youtube channel below.
We did not shout but the girls around me gone crazy. 
So I apologize for some weird shouting in those videos.
Posted some here for you to enjoy too :)

 I was so excited during this part because they just released Red Flavor and I was so hooked to the song. hahahaha

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