Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Photo Dump

Dumping photos as the title says. I always clear photos out to my double hard disk from my PC after I post them on my blog.
As if completing a ritual that no one really cares but me. Hahaha

Sadly, I realize that I don't even take photos as much anymore. 
Because I have the same routine here in Singapore everyday.

I wake up, go to work, go to the gym (used to, now I run outside or do youtube vids at home), eat dinner, watch dramas, sleep. Weekends are the same minus work. Lol.
However, not surprising that I like it. It can be boring at times, but I always feel grateful for having the time alone to do the things I like.
I picked up a lot of new skills and interests in fact. :)

Now just scroll through this blog as if it's an Instagram feed I guess.
I don't think people even read blogs anymore. lol.

These photos are from last year or the year before? Wait because it's 2019 now :O

I would not recommend this palette - so skip!
It's only 4 pounds in UK and the colours are honestly too light for asian skin tone unless you are super fair.

Highly recommend this one!
 I got it for only RM90 on Sephora Malaysia online but the price increased since then. Probably due to weakening of MYR currency. Love the palette except not sure what to do with the super fair shade.

This was from 1 year + ago. I would like to think that I lost a little weight since then.

Still the best colourpop palette tbh. Although most of the shades are with my sister now.

When I cut my hair short and ended up liking it a lot.

The one reason why I want to go to KL.

This was from when my bf and I went to Swensens Ice Cream buffet.
Yes buffet for like 10sgd because there was 50% off.
I ate so much ice cream and chocolates that my skin went crazy and my body was in shock. Hahahah

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